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Cordoba Corp

Cordoba Corp

is a tenant improvement project for a 10,000 square foot office building Located in Santa Ana, California. Having only a shoestring budget, the clients program was simply to "put lipstick on a pig".  The "pig" being the terribly 90's generic office building with Swiss Coffee painted walls and burgundy carpet throughout. The strongest architectural move in the scope includes gutting open the lobby to create a double height entry, which creates a stronger relation between the two floors and corridors. Replacing drywall partitions with glass and adding skylights help bring natural light into the central core of the building. Pure white paint with punches of color and graphics replace the drab walls. Furniture grade plywood replaces textured drywalled cubicles, and exposed concrete floors with strategically placed carpet tiles replace the old burgundy carpeting adding life to the once dreary interior. More photos to come...

Interior Architecture
Interior Design : Casework, Finishes, Furnishings